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Re: Tail lights - rear fog lights

        Maybe this is the proper time to complain about individuals driving with
their foglights/driving lights(to distinguish from headlights) on during clear 
weather conditions.  Are their factory installed fog/driving lights that go on 
when the headlights are activated or are they all switched separately?  And the 
drivers feel that the more light the better and damn the oncoming traffic or are
they just clueless?

I guess that's enough for now; feel much better thank you,

Pat S.

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Subject: Tail lights - rear fog lights
Author:  es61@prism.gatech.edu (Eric Schumacher) at INTERNET
Date:    11/16/95 11:07 AM

Regarding the red rear fog lights in Europe.
I have found two differences in the use of rear lighting in Europe, both 
of which I like.
1.  When drivers slow unexpectedly or excessively, they use their (yellow)
    hazards/flashers.  This is helpful - you know the guy in front of you 
    is going slow and not just braking lightly.
2.  The rear fog light is really nice is heavy rain (some other southerner
    already mentioned this and in heavy snow.  In these situations, it is 
    often difficult to see a car with only tail lights on.  Usually the rear 
    fog light is only on one side or very low, so you can tell they are not 
    brake lights.  Unfortunately, Americans have been getting them on European 
    marques for the last few years and most do NOT know how to use them, or 
    that the lights even exist.   Hence, I often see Volvos using their rear 
    fog lights on a clear night.  
Eric Schumacher