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Re: Quattro & spare tyre

> According to Mark Sirota's tire_size program:
> Specification  Sidewall  Radius  Diameter  Circumference  Revs/Mile  Difference
> 235/45-17         4.2in  12.7in    25.3in         79.6in        796        0.0%
> 215/60-15         5.1in  12.6in    25.2in         79.0in        802       -0.7%
> So, the spare has just about the same rolling circumference as the
> regular tire; it should be OK.
	Thank you very much for your calculation. But in that Opel ,even 
	the changed rear tyres is the same size ,how did the transmission
	damage ..? I hope Audi's tranny is better than that Opel.

 If the 15" wheel physically fits on the car (clears brakes, struts, etc.),
> then you are fine.

	Yes ,those 15" wheel is physically fits,cause it's a stock wheel.