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Re- oil warning buzzer

                       Subject:                               Time:4:41 PM
  OFFICE MEMO          Re: oil warning buzzer                 Date:11/16/95
In regards to the posting describing an intermittant oil light/buffer problem
above 2K rpm, I had the exact same problem on an '87 4000CS.  In my case it
was the sensor.  The sensor on this car is much more than $15  though because
it is a combination oil pressure gauge sender and light sender.  I wound up
bypassing the sensor by grounding the lead (note that the lower pressure
switch opens with adequate pressure, while the high pressure switch closes
with pressure).  The posting said "I have thought that it might be the
sensor, but the mechanic I use says it tests ok."  Maybe the sensor was
intermittently working when he checked it, or he didn't realize there is more
than one sensor.
  Matt Reinhart 
      '87 4000CS,  '84 Jetta,  '86 GTI,  '90 Volvo,  '65 911,  '66 Mini