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UrQ weight distribution

For anyone who's interested, I just took my UrQ to the public scale 
(accurate, they say, to +-20 lbs.).  Here's what I got:

Front:     1860 lbs
Rear:      1340 lbs
Total:     3200 lbs

Whole Car: 3180 lbs

So as you can see, the Front + Rear weight agrees well with the Whole 
Car weight.

The car was weighed with 1/2 tank of gas, no driver, and no excess junk in
car.  This puts the weight distribution at around 58/42.

This was a bit heavier than I expected.  I seem to remember all of the old
Rags of the time putting the weight at around 28-2900 lbs.  Maybe those
were all done with dry tanks? 

How much does gas weigh per gallon?
                                                         Dan Bocek