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re:fog (tail) lights

from:Joe Yakubik@Compuserve 75363,2524
subject:tail lights

The very bright light in the back is exactly that, a rear fog light or in
German: Nebelschlusslicht.  By law in Germany you can only turn them on when
visibility is reduced to less than 50 meters by fog.  This happens a lot.  They
are only on one side to differentiate from brake lights.  In regards to the
whole red/amber/white tail light discussion: In general in Europe cars are
required to have amber turn signals, it is not a matter of taste, but law.
There are lots of American cars that have been modified to  replace the back up
lights (clear lenses) with amber bulbs and rewiring and have a single additional
clear back up light added.  It looks especially odd on 'vettes and the like.  As
far as using the lights, when traffic is stopped and it shouldn't be, ie
accidents, traffic jams, etc, then you're supposed to turn on your hazards which
should blink amber.  For the comment about blue tail lights: yes, Virginia,
there is a Santa Claus.  His name is Hella and he makes tail lights in mint
green, ultramarine blue, carmine red and black.  All of these will have red
brake lights, amber turn signals and clear (sort of) back up lights.  They are
available (in Europe) for the Golf III.  Black tail lights are available for
lots of European models.  Treser seems to be the only manufacturer for Audi,
tho.  I have no idea about DOT approval, but they are TUV approved.

Joe Yakubik
91 200 20vTQ (factory lights)