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Re: Audi's Cure for the Ignition wired/not wired radio

thanks don,

i bet it will be almost impossible to find someone who knows how to do 
this, but i will file it for future reference.

thanks again,

On Thu, 16 Nov 1995, Don Hoefer wrote:

> Phil asks;
> >what i would like to see is a radio that worked the way the one in my 82 
> porsche 924 worked.  this was before antennas in the windshield, but all 
> you had to do was touch the key to the ignition (not even push it all the 
> way in or turn it) and the power antenna would go up and the radio come 
> on.  i've asked a couple of mechanics how this was done and they never 
> could give a good explaination.<
> A capacitive discharge switch would do it.  It activates when it
> detects a small change in charge.  This happens when you touch it and
> some electrons flow into you or from you into the switch, or when the
> key shorts two charged and isolated metal polls somehow on or just
> inside the ignition switch.  These are not so popular anymore because
> they are static sensitive, they would trigger falsely and
> unpredictably.  It would probably be pretty good inside an automobile
> however.  The car body makes a good static shield and you would
> contact the body before you contacted interior parts minimizing the
> charge difference between you and the car and the cars interior parts.
> Don Hoefer
> '82 Coupe