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*BMW Touring

       Actually Hans, there is also (I believe it is new this year) an M5 Touri
ng.  I just read an article on them in European Car magazine.  It seems that BM
W won't import them into this country because the market is too small.  But, yo
u can still get them (brand new) in the US.  As the article goes into with more
 detail, a guy in California takes a 525i Touring (or other 5-series touring mo
del, I think it was the 525) and buys all the parts to the european BMW M5 Tour
ing, and then re-assembles it here in the US.  He gets official M everything (l
ike engine, trans, interior, and all the trim).  Really sharp looking car too!
Now, why won't someone do this and make an Audi S2 or RS2 over here?