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Re: BMW touring?

In a message dated 95-11-17 21:36:23 EST, you write:

>  Does anyone know if the BMW "Touring" is available in the 3 and in the 5
>  series? Are they both available in the States? Does BMW refer to the
>  wagon as simply the "touring" or as the "touring sedan"? ("touring sedan"
>  sounds like a misnomer to me.....)

Glen, Touring is available NOW only in the 5 (3 years now for the 525, 2 for
the 530), as the 525 I-6 or the 530 v8.......  Both referred as "Touring"
only no seeeedan.........  The 3 series is slated to come here, but I don't
think it's available yet.......  Talked my folks into the 530, and it is one
fine machine......  The M5 touring conversion has been offered for some time
in the back of EC and it is a professional, clean and FAST q ship.......  The
530 is no slouch either, good torque and 220hp..........  NJTH