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Wheres the beef?

In a message dated 95-11-18 13:58:53 EST, you write:

>Question re: the rear fog lights: My '92 100S has only one on the left, as
>its supposed to. But I would like to have two of them (I prefer symmetry...
>and of course, if there is to be only one, why didn't they put it in the
>center?). I have not yet looked inside the taillight cluster... and I'm sure
>if I did I might find the answer.. but since we are on the subject...

The reason the fog is on the left is so that an overtaking vehicle, and we're
talking autobahn fog here (that is when it is seen) knows where (and
consistantly) the left side of the car is.... Some of the cars that go
to/from the English shores have them on both sides to make the overtaking
vehicle aware in both lanes, the right and the other.....
>Does anyone know if I can just wire in a bulb (in series?) to the other slot
>in the same position on the right in the tailight cluster? If I do this,
>I start a chain reaction and begin an electrical tidal wave of destruction?
>Do I need to put in an in-line fuse somewhere.. or a relay or something? Has
>anyone tried this? 

BTDT......  Heat is a big factor, and without the proper attention to that
heat, the bulb will melt the tail assbly......  If you look at the fog on
your car, you will see a crome reflector behind it.......  I don't think
there is an easy way to make that install on the right side......  And, in
fact, you will notice that the fog bulb has a different circuit alltogether
than the right assbly.....  The fog lights in a symetrical config in the
rear, could be defeating the whole purpose of having one, even my wife thinks
the brakes are stuck on in those jaguars.....
>I would appreciate any help. All you electrical gurus out there must have an
>answer :-)

It can be done, but given the pain and possible expensive screw up, the why
question comes to mind....