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Re: audi 80 quattro, 1989

  fritz@best.com enQuires:                                            

 TN> plese would someone please give me an avaluation of an Audi 80
 TN> Quattro, 1989. Is it a good 
 TN> reliable car? etc. How much should one pay for this particular model?

     Good car, a little small for my tastes.

     As for value, these are taken from latest weekly figures based
     on actual transactions between individuals and lower forms
     of life.

     1989 Audi 80 4D Sedan Quattro

     Loan Value= $5625 (What Milburne Drysdale will loan you.)
     Wholesale Clean=$6850
     Wholesale Average=$5800
     Retail Clean=$8625
     Retail Average=$7375

     Deduct $250 from all values for NO sunroof. 

     Average means average condition and miles. Annual mileage
     is 15000 miles a year. NOT average value.



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