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Re: O2 Sensor info

In a message dated 95-11-19 07:51:42 EST, you write:

>  When I was out checking prices on one, I got ranges (3 wire, 87 5KCSTQ)
>from $99.00 to $120.00.  One place offered me a 'universal O2 sensor' that I
>would have to solder on my leads for $45.00.  With 20 years experience as a
>nuke electrician, I'm qualified to solder.  Does anyone have any experience
>with universal sensors - ie, mV output range same, etc?  Obviously cost is
>driving this decision...
My bosch connection says......  The universal Bosch O2's work just fine.....
 You pay for the spec'd wire length and connector and the audi/vw/bmw etc.
part number and box.....  Solder away......  He did indicate tho, that the
Bosch units tested better than the non-bosch for any given app......  Could
be sales  YMMV....  GPR has unyvoisels (bosch 3 wire) for 69.00 in EC.....