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Re: I5 20V vs. V6

In a message dated 95-11-18 20:04:21 EST, Greg writes:

>(I've test driven a few '91 Audi 200 TQ 20 valves lately and they nicely 
>demonstrate the kind of acceleration I expect from an automobile).

Just curious... how much HP/Torque did these put out? Everyone here seems to
rant and rave :-) about the power of this engine. I have the V6 in my '92
100S... and don't think it is THAT bad... but maybe I just don't know what I
am missing.
Does the power come on earlier?

Perhaps mine is not that bad 'cuz mine is not a quattro :-(   and therefore
is not weight-burdened.

Has anyone owned/driven both cars ie. I5 and V6? Any feedback would be
This will probably start a long debate, but at least it will be all AUDI  ie.
VR6 dig here :-)

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