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'85 Ur-Q for sale & AW S4 article

  From AW, 11-20-95, pg 52

  1985 AUDI QUATTRO TURBO COUPE Silver/Gray lthr, low miles, all orig, near
  perfect, never raced,  [   :(   ], $14k, 603-463-9034 NH USA

  This is THE year to get guys and a very fair price if as described!

  I would be willing to look at this car for any q listers, BUT ONLY IF

  In this same issue there is a very nice multipage article on the S6,
  worth checking out. One point in the article that I found interesting is
  that some owners thought that the S6/S4 is slow off the line and lacking
  in bottom-end power! How can this be with peak torque of  258 @ *1950
  RPM* ??? Granted, I've only driven S4s on the track :) and never on the
  street, but they sure seemed ballsy off the line to me.....are these
  complainers simply spoiled 'Mericans comparing off the line performance
  to 350 CI V8s, etc?