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RE: Magnetic Drain Plug Source?

>                       Subject:                               Time:9:15 AM
>  OFFICE MEMO          Magnetic Drain Plug Source?            Date:11/20/95
>Does anyone know of a source of magnetic oil pan drain plugs, or
>appropriately shaped magnets to make my own?
>   Matt Reinhart   '87 4000CS

Hi Matt,

	I don't know about magnetic drain plugs, but I have seen advertised
magnetic collars that attach to the bottom of your oil filter. So when you
change filters just put the magnet on the new filter and throw(dispose of
properly) the old filter and any magnetic debris away. On the other hand, by
keeping said debris in the filter you can't really see if you have any, and
thus do not know of an impending disaster which the magnetic drain plug would
show you. A little ferrous metal in a transmission is one thing; in an engine
it's either a very new engine or something very wrong! At least that's how I
see it.

	I'm not sure where I saw the filter magnets, it may have been an
IMPARTS catalog.

							Happy motoring,