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Re: The Problem with DRL's

> Why didn't they just tie these DRLs into a photelectric eye that turns them
> on when light conditions demand it? They have put these on cars (ie
> Cadillacs, Lincolns, etc..) for years, and they work well. In fact, they
> still put them on these cars. Why isn't this mandatory? It makes a lot of
> sense (maybe that's why - it makes too much sense?)
> And I can't believe that it is because the little photelectric sensor is that
> expensive....

The problem with DRL's is the goof that doesn't turn his normal low-
beam lights on until almost dark.

For example, I've noticed the new Saturn's DRL's are basically the 
high-beam lamp on at reduced power.  Several times at dusk when it is 
time to turn on normal headlights, I've seen these things running 
around with no headlights, just the DRL's.  

This is highly annoying, because the DRL's must be at least 25w, 
aimed in the high-beam pattern.  Flashing your high-beams does 
nothing other than to tick them off, and have them flash their real-
high beams at you.

Anyhow, that's my problem with 'em!

- Mike White 

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