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Re: S4 advice wanted


     Here are my opinions on some of your questions:

1. Does this sound like a good deal?

$26K is about $600 below trade-in value of the Audi here in the Mid-atlantic.
Pretty good, I'd say. But NOT if you have to throw in the BMW.

4. Are there any known problems with this model?

Excessive acceleration and speed.  Your vehicle will not be recognized by
Mustang GT drivers.

6. What are some not-too-expensive ways to boost the performance of an S4?

Talk to Ned Ritchie of Intended Acceleration, on the vendor list.

7. This would be my first turbo; are there special maintenance requirements?

Don't run it hard and put it away wet, i.e., cooldown before shutdown.

8. This one doesn't have a CD changer; it is possible to put a non-Audi one in?


Jeff, I cannot find Wilton in my AAA Road Map. If you are near Groton,
I can put you in touch with a friend, not on the list, you is a very
happy S4 owner.

Tom F.

90 200 TQW IA Stage I
90 Syncro Westie