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Re: Bose Base,

> Does it not occur to these golden-eared audioists that MAYBE I'd like to hear
> something a bit different than them?  Like perhaps when I'm driving 500 miles

Odd that you could say "golden eared" and "Bose" in the same sentence.  
The only reason bose is in business is they have mastermind marketers 
working for them.  These guys can make the public think bose crap is the 
greatest ever made.  This is my opinion, but its shared by a LOT of 
others.  Audi made a mistake going with bose (but at least they ditched 
Blaupunkt for the speakers), Lexus struck gold going with Nakamichi.  The 
LS400 is equiped with the only stock system that I wouldn't change.  
	The heavy bass (not base) you hear is a bose trademark.  Not only 
is it out of ballance with the rest of the music, but its bloated, slow, 
"one noted" crap.  I agree totally.  Why should the buyer be subject to 
what another company (especially Bose) thinks sounds right?  They should 
give the user access to those special hidden equalizers (if any) and let 
himher tune the system to their own tastes.