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Noisy tranny/fluid leak

From: Joe Yakubik
Subject: Tranny leak ('91 200 20vTQ)

For those who responded to my previous query about tranny noises, thanks.  While
under the car putting fog lights in I noticed some oil leaking out of the
transaxle onto the exhaust.  From a cursory inspection it looks like it's coming
out of the front differential.  It's going up on a lift for a thorough
inspection tomorrow.  Anybody have personal experience with front diff work?
Bentley seems to call for a lot of special tools for pressing in/out the seals;
can this be done by a semi-talented amateur with access to a hydraulic lift and
fairly well equipped shop, or do I pay the big bucks to a mechanic?
BTW -- since it's leaking out anyway, I'll try to find out what this magic stuff
that doesn't need replacing is.

Joe Yakubik
Temporarily '93 droccA
(big, big unhappy face)