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80 Q Turbo?

Having read a letter to the editor in the October european car about
Audi 5 cylinder power, I started thinking about my 80 Q.

The editor's recommendation was to do a turbo engine swap.
They spoke to Ned Ritchie at Intended Acceleration about the
procedure; it seems straightforward enough. I called Ned to inquire
about the mechanical aptitude required to do this, and he felt that
any good Audi mechanic could handle it.

My problem is that I've brought it up to several mechanics in southern
Connecticut and they have all felt that it would be a mistake to change
the car (the purists!). These same mechanics felt that I shouldn't use
K&N filters, or synthetic oil, etc.

Has anyone done this swap to an 80Q, or know of an adventuresome
mechanic in New England?

'90 80TQ?