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Re: S6 and A8

> Recently, I have read that Audi will stop importing the S6 to the 
> U.S. because the arrival of the A8, and that the A8 will serve as 
> the flagship Audi.  Does this apply only to the U.S.?  It seems to 
> me that both cars will appeal to a different market segmant:  S6 to 
> the sport sedan group and the A8 to the luxury sedan group.  Why is 
> Audi pulling the plug on the S6?

I think the stopping of importing the S6 is due to the emission thing and 
the age of the car. The new S6 will be here in a little while (I hope). 
THe arrival of the A8 is just a coincidence.

> 	Also, I have read, I think here, that in 97 or 98 Audi will 
> introduce a Turbo 30v V6 version of the S6.  Are there planns to 
> ship this car to the U.S. market?

Pray to the Audi God and mail bomb the U.S. Audi headquarters.

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