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Re: wiring a radar detector(& where NOT to place it)

In a message dated 95-11-23 08:50:42 EST, you write:

>I currently drive with a radar detector and a cell phone plugged into a
>splitter, plugged into the cigarette lighter of my 80.
>I hate the fact that the lighter is in the ash tray and it needs to be open.
> There are several dummy switches on the console above the radio, and most
>are removable.  Does anyone know of a way to wire an outlet to there, or any
>other good ideas?

Consider getting your detector off that hot dash, closer to eye level, and
hard wiring it to go on/off with ignition.

Did this a few years ago. If your detector has a "suction cup to the
windshield" option, consider mounting it on the glass at a spot below the
visor, yet above your line of vision. Avoid mounting near the mirror (see
below). If it's the right size you still get most use of the visor.
A short run of wire can lead into the overhead console makes things real
neat. If you probe around with voltmeter, in the wiring for the overhead
light/sunroof, you will find a line that comes live when key turned. Sorry I
can't remember exactly where, or color - in addition, my car is "WMM" (with
my mechanic). If you can't find it e-mail me and I''ll check it out when I
"GMCB" (you can  figure that one out).** Beware detectors that use other than
12v-some must go thru their cig. plug to convert!

Reason for not mounting detector near mirror: We all have a blind spot at
about 10 and 2 o'clock, where optic nerve enters the eye. Our brain "fills
in" this spot normally. The lights of a radar detector, if placed at that
spot will not be easily seen-this may be obscure-but I've witnessed it first

Mike Aiello            myke456@aol.com
87 5kcsTQ

PS - If the "suction cup" mounting bounces on bumps, rig a support out of
piano wire. Let me know if you want details.