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Re: Trans & Diff Capacities - 5kTQ

Michael Spiers <mikes@specnet.com> asks:
> Does anyone know how much oil the transmission in a '87 5kTQ holds?  How about
>the rear differential in the same car?  I'm gonna buy some oil for her today,
>but I dunno how much I need!!!

I just replaced the oil in both the trans and diff in my '90 200TQ (should
be exactly the same as your car).

The capacities are:
     transmission--3.4 qts (3.2 l)
     differential--2.3 qts (2.2 l)
Incidentally, I use Mobil 1 synthetic gear lube, 75W/90.  I have made this
change on other quattros, and as expected, get better performance in the
depths of winter.  Note that both the trans and diff have two drain plugs;
remove both, and you don't have to worry about putting the car on an
incline to completely drain the oil.  In a related point, I use Mobil 1
5W/30 for engine oil in the winter and never have seen a problem with oil
pressure.  Furthermore, the car starts more easily in below 0 temperatures.

Terry Donohue
'90 200TQ