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Strange buzz/hum

This is too much, almost 50k with no more than regular maintenence and a
broken signal stalk, and now every seems to be happening at once...

Now I am noticing a strange buzzing/humming noise, the closest I can locate
it is between the gas tank and the back seat, although I suspect its
probably underneath the car, in that general area. Sounds very similar to
the buzz you get for opening a door with the car in gear (automatic at
least), only a little higher-pitched and not nearly as loud.

Anybody have any ideas about this one? Or have I just become paranoid?
Sound is the same regardless of gear or motion, and with accessories on or
off, engine hot or cold.


Mark Shilling

'81 4k 4e (gone but not forgotten)
'82 4k 5+5 (gone and definitely forgotten)
'90 80 2.0 (thankful for honest mechanics)