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Audi tidbits (beeg cheezzz)

While getting bored during the Thanksgiving Day, I picked up a mag called 
Special Cars International due to its topic of the issue -- Audi (yeah, 
and VW...). Cool, ain't it?

Of little more than 110 pages, only 10 were devoted to Audis -- rest of 
them are pretty much ads/VWs. Anyway, since A4 is the newest model Audi 
has introduced, many of the tuners look at possibility of tuning A4s -- it 
sure gives some perspective on what's possible and what's not. ANd of 
course, it gives a lot of hope for you people who has just handed over 
some handsome $$$ and now has a A4 that you wished had little bit more 
humphhhh to it.

(By the way folks -- this magazine is in Japanese, so I'm roughly 
translating from what little Japanese I know. Some mistake may happen so 
if it sounds too unbelievable, it may be so...)

Abt Sportline Audi A4

Car itself: First, the car is lowered from 20mm to 30mm depending on 
customer's request. A very integral spoiler replaces the stock rounded 
front bumper (from the picture, I must say they did one hellva job -- the 
spoiler does not upset the whole A4 "theme" -- if there's one) with huge 
air intake with little "wing" (called "air splitter") that's reminecent of 
Porsche 911 GT2's. There will be 8.5Jx17" 5-spoke wheel that will allow 
you to stuff 215/45-17 to the front and 235/40-17 to the rear.

Engine: From the stock 1.8T, ABT modified the turbo, enlarged the capacity 
of intercooler, and replaced the stock chip with ABT's custom ECU -- the 
result is approximately little bit over 200bhp but officially will be 
limited to 193bhp in Germany due to their insurance class (I didn't know 
that...). The 21.4kg-m of torque is available from 1750rpm to 4600rpm 
with 27.3kg-m torque peake at 3900rpm; 22.3kg-m is available at a low 
1900rpm; and could supply 25.5kg-m from 1900rpm to 5500rpm during rush 

Performance: The particular model the article tested was a FWD version. 
THe 0 to 100km/h can be reached in 7.8 seconds, down 0.3 seconds from 
stock (this is quite unimpressive, IMO). Top speed is drag limited to 

What's the hubbub: This is ABT's rough sketch of what it's readying for 
the A4. Ultimately, ABT will have V2 Conversion package that will offer 
about 250bhp from the 1.8T with bigger, badder turbo, new manifold, head, 
and better programmed ECU. Also ABT will also ready some packages for the 
customer who got 2.6 and 2.8 litre V6 A4s -- with new cams and 
accompanying ECUs, they will add additional 180bhp and 150bhp 
respectively to those two engines (this is no type or mistake in 
understanding of Japanese language -- I'm QUITE sure this is what it sayz).

Motoren-Tecknik-Mayer (MTM) Audi A4 GT

Car: Where the ABT A4 1.8Ti looks gentlemen-like and sophesticated, MTM's 
A4 GT looked like Arnold Schowtzwhatchamacallhim. The front airdam looks 
like it's taken right from the Toyota Supra -- oh, the whole car is lowered 
20mm. Aluminum strips replaces the wood in the interior, and many items 
in the engine compartment is also dressed up with Al parts. THe MTM wheel 
(which got strange resemblence to Centra Type 27 -- I won't be surprised 
if it's the same duck) -- a 7-spoker 8.5Jx17, will house 245/40-17 tires. 
The pictured A4 looks really nice in the RS2-blue (but the same-colored 
seats gotta go).

Engine: With manifold from Audi Sports' IMSA car, Audi S2's KKK K24 
turbo, HKS wastegate, piping and catylist custom made in U.K., bigger 
intercooler, and a heavily modified ECU, this MTM GT will spit out 
estimated 300bhp. With stock intercooler, the demonstration car puts out 
286bhp at 5800rpm. The troque ties with BMW M3 at 32.6kg-m at 3600rpm 
with usable 31.5kg-m available at 2480rpm.

Performance: With lighter weight to throw around (the MTM A4 GT is 120kg 
lighter than stock A4), the MTM A4 GT will accelerate from 0 to 100km/h 
in 5.1 seconds with 265km/h top (the M3 6-speed manual with speed 
goveroner removed will do 282km/h -- for you people who doesn't want to 
get involved with metrics). At 1340kg, the A4 GT gives power to weight 
ratio at 4.2bhp/kg versus M3's 5.0bhp/kg -- all from 1.0bar boost!!! 
Due to the low boost, all engine internals are stock. Hmmm... did I read 
that right?

Where does it end: MTM will limit its road-going A4 to 300bhp. But 
eventually, MTM will squeeze out 450bhp from the same 4 pots with stage 4 
conversion. Has anyone heard of ADAC GT Cup racing??

Postert Audi A4

de car: This is pure excercise in tacky-ons, so the engine is not touched 
in any way. With BTCC (British Touring Car Champtionship -- for you 
people who donno what that thing iz) and STW (again, Super Tourching 
Wagon Cup) in mind, Postert Tuning has tacked on various design cliches 
and images onto the 'ol A4. First, out with all the chrome on the outside 
(except the 4 circles on the trunk hood, the "A4", and pair of oval 
"Audi"s at the sides). The grill now is mesh-style with no chrome trim 
nor 4 rings. The bumper is BTCC-ized and instantly grows 3 air slots 
running below and parallel to original ones (it looks like bumper is OEM 
-- the extra is indeed tacked on). The extension also has two "lips" 
similar to MB SL roadsters. The car is lowered 40mm with 
height-adjustable sport suspension.

There are several tire/wheel size which Postert is testing. From Poster 
5-spoke 8Jx17" with 215/45-17, to 8Jx18" with 235/35-18 on the front and 
245/35-18 in the rear (I assume this ain't a quattro...).

Performance: Whaddaya expect? For all due credit, Postert claims 6km/h in 
gain in top speed due to the better design.

Bottom line: A Postert Original Design that you could do without.

A!Avantgarde Audi A4

(From the article, I have finally figured out what A!Avantgarde is. It 
turns out this firm is not specialised in tuning. Rather, it's a 
marketing consultant firm!! Believe it or not...)

Public relations dept.: Overall, there are no stick-ons on this A4 -- 
instead, the front bumper is replaced with one that protrudes slightly 
more to give that deep, big chin effect. In the wheel department, A! 
first tried to fit the 20 inchers from the A8 (huh? where did THAT come 
from? that's what I hate -- no A8 articles) but failed miserably. They 
finally figured the tyreround maximus is 225/40-18 with a realistic view 
at 225/45-17 with 8Jx17. The mandatory car-lowering wasn't mentioned 
(but picture shows it is lowered -- or the tires are just too big) so I'm 
not going to mention it.

F=ma dept.: The BetaSpeed engine is tuned and installed by BetaTec (okay, 
people -- who the hell are they?) and claims 211bhp. The 61bhp gain was 
gained from modified wastegate, higher boost (vs. low boost with MTM A4), 
remapped ECU, metal catyliser, and stainless steel exhaust.

Intended accerlation: 0 to 100km/h at 7.8 sec with top speed at 238km/h.

So what?: As a marketing consultant firm, A!Avantgarde wants to become 
Alpina of BMW or AMG of MB. THis is their lastest effert on the new A4 
"which is a geniune competitor to BMW 3-series and MB C-Klass cars." 
(uh-huh. That's what they said.) Most of the text is just advertising 
jibberish from A! which I don't quite understand from technical point of 

Ital Design Aztec (production version)

So, you thought Ital Design won't do cow's byproduct with Audi, didn't 
you? Well, the production Aztec will use Audi's 5 pot engine developing 
250bhp, and it will also use the quattro drivetrain. The shape... oh 
well, I won't try to explain it here. Anyone who's seen the Bertone Alfa 
Romeo Navajo show car in the 70's may have good vague picture of this 
car. The rear wheels are covered. There are gull-wing doors, pop-up 
headlights, and whacko interior. It's all I'm going to say about its 

The old 5-cylinder is massaged by MTM. With 1500kg to slug around, the 
performance is 7.7 seconds from 0 to 100km/h. But the point is moot as 
this is intended as gawd-waz-dat eat-that-Ferrari "show" car. Ital Design 
commented the Audi quattro is intended to make this "show" car as 
drivable as an everyday car (trust me, you'll be an everyday celebrity if 
you drive this everyday). What's interesting about this car... I mean 
what's inetersting about the Audi application of this car is that the 
engine sits BEHIND the driver -- it's a rear-engined quattro! Oh, NO 
power steering.

Fin. Hopefully this is somewhat of an informative Audi stuff. The 
pictures are gorgeous but I don't have any scanners to give out (besides 
breaking the copyright law). I was kinda dissapointed about not seeing 
anything about A8 since that's what I'm hoping to get when it becomes 
available in U.S. ((-: From what A4 performs like (Abt Sportline A4 and 
A!Avantgarde A4), the new "S4" with 200+hp will probably not be a asphalt 
scorcher at approximately 7.8 sec from 0 to 62mph. Of course, there will 
always be some peple changing "dial up that boost." The Ital Design Aztec
is truely extordinary in looks. It's not as gawking as when Lambo LP4000 
debuted, but it won't be mistaken to be any other damn automobile on the 
earth (no bug-eyed lamps! no jelly-bean butts!). Did I mention the Aztec 
got *4* exhaust pipes???

Have a nice day. Damn, I think I'm going to miss Sat morning cartoons...

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