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Mail bomb & 91TQ20v Sale

Fellow Audians;

I've been using computers since 1968 and until yesterday, had never heard the 
"computer geek" term "mail bomb" before. My sincere apologies to 
honge@creighton.edu. Assuming I now understand the term "mail bomb" correctly, 
might the term "mail bombardment" be a more apt description?

In my quest to obtain a '91 200TQ20v, I learned of another. Unfortunately, it 
does not meet my requirements, however others may be interested.

Location: Robert Larson's Autohaus
Address: Tacoma, WA
Phone# 1.800.926.5995
Salesperson: Bill Steiner
Asking price: $18,990.00
Mileage: 81K
Color: Black on Black

Due to the recent net publicity and to refresh my recollection, I rented The 
Living Daylights last night. It was great fun to see Mr. Bond driving a '91 
200TQ20v, but it ended far too quickly. Given all of Bond's racing around in the 
snow, the producers should have given the Quattro a more prominent role.