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Re: snizes

In a message dated 95-11-27 06:44:00 EST, you write:

>Hi there!
>For a person who lives in a country with snow for about 4-5 months a
>year, it seems a bit strange to consider snowtires which are 205 mm
>wide. Not knowing the conditions where you live  I must recommend

Hmmmm...... I understand the argument, however:

205/25.4 = 8.0 tread width

195/25.4 = 7.7 tread width

Hardly think that 3 tenths of an inch is going to put you in the wide zone

I come from a ProRally background, so have some experience in snow and low
traction......  The bigger argument to width is the weight of the car vs the
width, I ran 185 snows on a 14X6 rim in my PR scirocco at 2000 pounds and
found the tires tended to float cuz there wasn't enough weight on them.....
 Hardly a problem (thanks audi, I think:~) with the audis, esp the q's......
 They would be nicely described as "portly".......   And really what happens
is that the narrower tires tend to make the q's float on the sidewall, not
the tread.....  Hence, the recommendation for the 205 on a 60 series........
  My folks live in northern MI in prorally country, and I can offer BTDT
testimony that that 3 tenths of an inch doesn't make or break the snow
performance, the 60 vs 65 does, especially in the wet/snow highway

205/60 15X7  P210's