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Re: 100 vs. 200 vs. 80 vs. 90

>Are there any differences between the 100 and the 200 besides the

Some suttle trim stuff, but not much else....

>Similarly for the 80 and 90?  (I'm looking at '89 100/200 and
>'88 or '89 80/90, if that matters.)

for the 89 100/200,  if you go 100, then look for the latest build
date.  The trim on early 100/200s tends to be lacking in quality.
My wifes 89 100 avant is built in december 88 and my old 89 100
sedan was built in march of 89(I now have a 90 V8).  There is also
a another members car here that was built in april of 88 (I think ?)
the trim on his sedan seems to have self destructed over time .....

On the 89 200s you have a choice.  If you plan to upgrade the engine
look for engine code MC in the underside of the trunk lid.  This is
the lower compression engine which lends itself to more boost 

>So much for the simple question.  Now for the subjective ones.
>I drove a (non-quattro) 200 today, and was a bit less than astounded by
>it's handling.  It was very nice, mind you, but I guess that I
>"expected more".  The rear end seemed a bit too willing to slide out on
>turns, and it seemed that the ride was just a touch stiff.  The tires
>were Goodyear Eagles, FWIW.  Is this handling typical for the 100/200?
>Would the 80/90 handle/ride better (I haven't yet driven one)?  Please,
>don't get me wrong, I like the 200 ;-)

try v-rated tires instead of h.....  how many miles ? maybe time for
new struts ?

>Those solid head restraints, while promoting a definite sense of
>security, were quite prominent in the rearview mirror.  Do they
>obstruct the necessary view out the back, or will I have no problem
>with this feature after the first 50 miles?

The only bother me when backing up in tight places.  I just have to
be a little extra carefull.

>Does that crazy zigzag shift selector (this is an automatic) soon
>become second nature?

Lets see..... after letting my wife drive my 100 sedan for a about
a month,  I noticed the shift nob was loose.  one day I noticed her
tring to shift it out of park and she was wiggling the hell out of it
to get it to move!!!!!  aaarrghhhhhh,  I showed her how to do it by
pushing down then move it thru the gate.  oh, thats much easier .....

>Finally, are there any "gotchas" on the 200?  I noticed a buzzing noise
>in the front (passenger side) under the hood, and about 1 minute after
>the engine was started there began what I can only describe as a steady
>"click-click" sound, sort of like a relay working about once or twice
>per second, coming from the same area; without a Bentley (yet), I have
>no idea what I was listening to or if it's normal.  Worse, I did my usual
>brainless thing and arrived after dark (5 PM) to see the car.

Sorry, no idea.... anybody else ?

Mike L.