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Re: Mo' Tire stuff.......

I'm nowhere near an authority on snow - we see it once or twice a year, 
and y'all probably wouldn't even notice it.  But I can say that while the 
Dunlop D40 M2 is an awesome performer on dry pavement and gets by in 
rain, I would NEVER put them in snow.  The most consistently quiet brand 
tire is Michelin (IMHO).  I think they are unmatched for quiet, smooth 
performance - of course I don't know a thing about their snows.  Another 
of my opinions - Goodyear stinks!  You can ALWAYS do better than a 
goodyear tire.  I hear the NEW Dunlop D60 A2 is a good tire.  Any 
experiences with the D60 in snow anyone?  

BTW, has Dunlop discontinued the D60 M2?  I loved that tire.

Jeremy R. King
1986 VW Quantum GL5
Audi at Heart

On 27 Nov 1995, Michael LaRosa wrote:

> Her requirements are Quiteness probably above anything else :-)  The next thing
> would be traction in the snow, rain etc....  Dry gumball traction is not
> necessary
> here :-)
> I've seen recommendations for Dunlop D40/M2 ?, and Comp T/A V rated, anybody
> try these in H rated ? loud or quiet ?