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RE: Canadian numbers


>    Could any of our friends North of the border enlighten me as to how 
>years of TQC's were imported and what the rough count might be....
>It's a bit of a research project... TIA

>From the table in the ur-q FAQ that sits on the quattro server..

Prod            Model  USA Import   USA Import      Canada Import
 Year            Year     Number(1)    Number(2)       Number(2)
1982             1983         289                285                       -
1983             1983         240                240                      61
1984             1984         65                    65                      
1985             1985         73                    73                      
1986             1986         1                      1                       

(1)- From Audi letter dated April 11, 1987
(2)- From Peter Fraser on quattro net and Quattro Registry

I happened to see one of the 17 Canadian '85s on my recent travels in 
from an elevated expressway doing 100kph, out of the corner of my eye I got
a pattern recognition match. We doubled back and checked it out, a nice
original example which ran in the 1 lap of America last year. And yes it did 
the speedo which went up to 240/260? km/hr.

Also stopped in at GTA which advertises in EC. Neat shop which had a good
looking wabbit wacer sitting out front.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com
86 GT
83 TQC