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RE: back to black

>>Anyone know of a good product to use to "re-black" my Coupe GT's rear
>>spolier?  I use ArmorAll religiously but the sunbleaching process has started
>>to begin (though ever so slowly.)  
>Also, I bought my '87 5KCSQ with a black FOHA spoiler(from Austria); I've never
>seen another in this country, except for Ned Ritchie, who appears to have
>painted his white. I've tryed "Black Again", Westley's "Black Magic" and
>ArmorAll "Low Gloss", all look good for about two weeks then get dull and leave
>grey drip marks when it rains, they do this with the sideview mirrors also. A
>few year ago there was some stuff called "BlackWax" for black bumpers, etc.,
>but I haven't seen it for some time. Has anyone found anything that works in
>these exterior situations?

OK I'll give away my secret...go to your local supermarket and buy some
black shoe polish...the kind that comes in a bottle with a foam applicator.
Apply this in a test area to see if it loks ok for your plastic trim.  It
has worked well on my '87 5000SQ for years.  Sometimes it takes several
coats, but eventually it'll become black.  Then the wax will last a long
time, and won't wash off with the next rain.

 - Mitch Loescher