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Re: 5 cyl coolant pump removal

In a message dated 95-11-27 19:10:35 EST, dlawson@ball.com (Dave Lawson)

>Does the
>idler pulley and/or the camshaft gear need to be removed, so the rear timing
>belt cover can be removed, so the water pump can be removed? Or am I
>missing some trick here. Mucho thanks.
> -
>Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com

Hi Dave, How goes the battle??

As best I remember, you do need to take off the cam sprocket to get the cover
completely off. However, there is a another option. The section of the rear
cover that'll hold you up is only a 1 inch diameter arch, so grab your tin
snips and "modify" the rear cover by removing the section of arch that
prevents you from getting the pump out. I've used this technique successfully
on my cars and customer cars alike. Saves much time...

On a related Audi service note, I spent Thanksgiving with relatives on Cape
Cod, Mass. To escape the boredom of yet another round of family tales, we
went for a quick jaunt to Hyannis. Aside from good shopping, we toured past a
fellow list-members shop. So, Ned Bennett, if you're still with us, congrats
on a nice looking shop! ...and right next to a bodyshop and towing firm no
less! Wish I'd had time for a tour, but no one was home. :(

-Chris Semple
'87 4000q