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Subscription Info

This is for the "majordomo command challenged".  

The rest of you can "delete" right now.

In the past weeks/months(/forever?) there have been *many* unsubscribe
messages sent to the quattro list.  The only effect of these requests is to
send a copy of your request to every member of the list.  It does *NOT* get
you unsubscribed.

These requests are accomplished through majordomo.  Majordomo is an
automatic service which is capable of providing several actions.  Majordomo
will send you a help file which provides information on the use of
majordomo.   This file should be required reading for all who are on a
majordomo-run mailing list such as this Quattro list.

To get your own copy of this help file do this:

        send mail to:


(NOTE:  This is **NOT** the quattro mailing list address!!!)

        with this message:


Please carefully read this file and then save it for later reference or, at
least, make note of how to get another copy of the file when you need the
information again - like when you decide to unsubscribe from quattro.

Really, it helps to RTFM!  (That means "Read the, uh, Fine Manual".)

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