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Re: Bose stereo and bass...and other things...

For those of you who find the bass response of the stock Audi/Bose
system to be excessive, you might check to make sure that the
"loudness" is "off" for normal listening.  That's the "LD" button on
my Delta radio.  If the loudness is on, the bass response is a bit
excessive at normal listening levels.  Overall I find the Bose system
in my 200tq to be quite acceptable.  Note that there seems to be no
visual indication as to whether the loudness is on or off.

...and other things...

Does anyone have a set of instructions for the built-in cellular phone
in the '91 200tq?  Mine was missing the instructions when I purchased
it (used, of course).  Right now the phone displays "LOCKED" when
turned on, so I need to get a cell phone servicer to unlock it and
re-code it.  But, a set of instructions would be appreciated.


John Mallick