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Ugly cars.

I think the new E-class Mercedes is a love it/hate it kinda deal.  I 
personally think it's a big improvement over the boring look of the 
previous model.  

The thing that really disgusted me was my first sighting of the new 
Taurus sedan an wagon today.  You know, it was ugly in pictures.  But in 
real life......  That thing ought to be outlawed.  Looks worse than a 
starved chicken.  What is the deal?  Is there a game to see who can make 
the most obnoxious looking car.  Cars are just getting ugly - Taurus, 
Accord, Jetta (sorry guys), Riviera, Sentra, Mustang, Camero, 
Lumina/Monte Carlo, Explorer, Neon, Saab 900......

I'm glad Audi still has taste.  Although I must confess, I'm one of those 
that lamented the day Audi stopped putting Black trim on the bumpers, 
wheel wells, and the black stripe down the side.  I vote for keeping the 
guys that designed the A4 body!  I dare say that Audi doesn't make an 
ugly car.  The 5000 was borderline in its most basic incarnation, but 
even it has its charm and can be made very handsome with very little 

Of course, opinions make the world go round.  Apparently there must be 
somebody out there that actually likes the way the Taurus looks (one 
actually wrote in to C/D).  I was really looking forward to the day when 
dad got a nice new Taurus SHO with 5-speed and V8!  Oh well, I guess it's 
time to start tuning the '90 SHO!  

Jeremy R. King
1986 VW Quantum GL5
Audi at Heart