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Re: V8 Q's

Brooks Ellis wrote:
>   I am looking ( do I _EVER_ stop looking?!? ) now at 90 and 91 V8 Quattros.
> I think that finding a 5-spd 91 V8 would be, well, godly. Unfortunatly I
> don't think I could afford it. Nevertheless, I am still interested in the V8
> Q's, and had a question or two.
>   First, What are the major differences between the 90 and 91 V8 Q's? I am
> interested in the one with the bigger engine.. :)
>   Secondly, how can I tell if it has the upgraded tranny software? The
> upgraded (downgraded?) brakes? do some have these 'internal calipers' and
> some do not?
> Is there anything else I should watch out for on these cars?
>   Thirdly ( oops, I said I only had 2 questions ), does anyone have
> performance stats? I would kinda like to see those...HP/torque/0-62/quarter
> mile/lat accel...
> etc.
> Thanks 4.3pi billion in advance,
> Brooks  ( maybe I could sell a Kidney and get a 91 V8 5-spd...yeah!!! YEAH!)

First of all, if you are willing to look hard, you can find a 91 5 speed.  The 
performance improvement is probably worth it.  However, I think that the 
interstate travel that would be necessary to get it might be a pain in the rear.  
So, the next alternative is a 4.2L 1992 with the automatic.  I have not driven 
one, but I understand that the torque increase is welcome.  The 90 and 91's are 
virtually identical to each other except for the wheels.  The 91's have BBS wheels 
that I don't particularly like.  The 90's have six slot wheels that remind me of 
what AMG puts on Mercs.

90 and 91 models had the internal calipers, but I am sure that most, if not all, 
have been upgraded.  When you are looking, be sure that the timing belt was 
changed before 60k miles or there could be future problems.  This service will set 
you back over $600 at the dealer, so be prepared for the future.  Also, the V8's 
are money (service) intensive cars so what sounds like a great deal will even 
itself out over the long haul!  I say that but you could not pay me enough to part 
with my car!

The hp figures are 245hp on the 90 and 91 and 278hp on the 92 or later.  I cannot 
remember the torque figures but that is where the real difference is.

Good luck and happy hunting,

Randall C. Markarian

1990 V8 Quattro