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Re: Center heater...

At 01:03 PM 11/29/95 EDT, Glen Powell/SMC wrote:
>Those center vents alway push out cold air so that you can have nice fresh, 
>cold air on your face while getting nice, warm air down low for heat and to 
>keep your feet warm. This is a GREAT feature on long, dark drives, especially 
>with heated seats, or if you are overheating bodily due to excess heat from 
>defrost in heavy snow & ice, etc, trying to keep the windscreen clear. It's a 
>great feature, IMFO.

Agreed.  Keeps you from succumbing to "road hypnosis"  My long drives are
primarily though the heart of Indiana.  4 hours of cut-off corn stalks and
people who don't use turn signals can get _pretty_ tiresome...

Generally though I don't get enough temp out of the system to get the
compartment that hot...   But that is another tale altogether I suppose.