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Re: Schricky testing

   >The Schrick cam might actually hurt 30-70 times by killing the low-end.
   >or 60-70 might be a very different story.

   If you read Roberts post that 10sec with Schrick/S4/Polished head  was with

Right! Actually, what I said was, and I quote:

 My 30-70 (2000-5000RPM, approx) numbers are in the mid-nines, with
 one 8.5 on a slight downgrade to one 10.2 on a steeper upgrade; mostly
 low/mid nines are the readings. This is 10-11 PSI of boost, stock timing,

Note that the 10.2 time was on a good UPGRADE! Note 8.5 on a less-steep
downgrade. In other words, I said "low/mid nines" was the time range.
Some of the times were off-throttle (25InHg vacuum) too. Note also "stock"
10PSI boost...consistent mid-eights with 14PSI boost.

Further experimentation shows "2-3" seconds to get from 2000rpm to 2500rpm
(or approximately 30mph to 35mph) . . . 2500rpm is where the turbo really
comes on line (full power from it). The stock UrQ cam isn't even yawning
at 2000, let alone doing anything useful. By 2500 or so, it's maybe got
one eye opening and starting to yawn. Life starts happening at 3000rpm.
The Schrick cam seems pretty much the same behavior in as much as you
hit 3000 and Wham! things start happening (the big difference being that
the Schrick runs right into redline, while the stock cam starts seriously
wimping out as it passes 5000rpm). I would guess that my [Schrick] 2000rpm
to 3000rpm times are about the same as my 3000rpm to 6000rpm times . . .
All these experiments I gotta go try now!

   10-11psi of boost, with the 2 bar setting he was mid 8's, and that is very
   good so far folks, and expected frankly......  The nice thing about a 30-70
   run is that the low and the high end grunt is factored in........ Using this
   to isolate the S4 lowend "advantage" vs the RS2 high end advantage....... 

   Depending on the Schrick used, the times will actually be worse, cuz the
   stock cam is tuned pretty well for the turbos......   I have a 272 on my
   beast and the stock on my wife's, and so far hers is the faster at developing
   low end torque, but hit 3200 and mine will scream.......

Right - the 30-70 really gets hurt by starting at 2000rpm. I'll hafta try
some 40-80 times. The UrQ engines do NOT like to run in the low revs, they
are definitely "peaky" engines ("cams") tuned towards the high-end.