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Re: B to B & other question

Adam, In 87' there was a special edition. It was a run of a 1000 cars 
(approx.) to commemerate the last of the 4Kcsq's. It had body color 
matching mirrors, "Quattro" embroidered seats, the chrome on the door 
handle was blacked out, and the badges on the back were blacked out. 
Nothing special, just a little cosmetic sugery. IMHO, it makes for a much 
better looking car too. Nothing important, just thought I'd inform you 
for future referance.

Have a good one, Ben
83' TQC
87' 4KCSQ

On Wed, 29 Nov 1995 dieckeaw@plu.edu wrote:

> In '85, there was no CS.  There was the 4000s, and the 4000s Quattro.  In 
> '86 they had the 4000CS (or was the fwd just the s in '86?), the 4000CS 
> Quattro, and the funky "special edition" which had white paint and a 
> maroon leather interior (hey, it was the eighties).  Same in '87, less 
> the s.e.
> All fwd 4k's had the 1.8l 4 banger, Quattros got the 5er.  
> All 4k based coupes got the 5.
> -Adam