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Re: modified S4 (Hoppen) for sale

The Audi Q CLub newsletter had a piece about a year ago on an S4 that Jo 
Hoppen did some SERIOUS work on.  I know I have the issue at home--not 
there now--.  I'll dig it out and if it looks to be useful I'll post some 
of the finer points w/out all the text & copy.

Bill Murin

On Wed, 29 Nov 1995, Hulda Jowett wrote:

> > It's a '93 S4 with serious Jo Hoppen mods that I need to get some info on. 
> > Considering the likelihood of me pulling this off, if anyone else is
> > interested, let me know and I'll get you a number.
> > What is the likely output?? I'd guess 305 or so, but I don't know what
> > Hoppen does with the manifold.  May have had head work, too.  Got to find
> > out about that.  Again, what does Hoppen do in this regard?
> > 
> > Asking price.....$33.9K
> > 
> > Wish I had time to search the archives....  Let me know what you think,
> > 
> There's an article on an S4 in this months issue of Turbo magizine (the 
> only reason I picked it up was for the Audi article). It sounds like the 
> car in the article has very similar mods (Jo Hoppen) to the one you are 
> considering 
> the purchase of. It's output is 290hp, and does the 1/4 in 14.0 at 98mph. 
> Brian 93 VR6                            > >