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Re: v8 - auto to 5pd conversion?

On Wed, 29 Nov 1995, Brooks Ellis wrote:

>         What is the possibility of throwing a 5-speed manual into the '90 V8
> Quattro/automatic? I love the idea of a V8, but am having a hard time coming
> to grips with the notion of an automatic. 

forget it.  the entire underbelly is different.  even the exhaust pipes
take a different route.  the front axle is completely different, the
radiator is different... i won't even try to list all the differences
here.  either get a S4 or 200Q20V if you really want a stick.  the
5 cylinder engine creates a lot less nose heaviness than the v8.

"why did germany lose the war?  because they had really poor parts
interchangeability for their planes and tanks."  that's what the
chief foreman at the dealer told me.