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Re[2]: fuel pump

     I just ordered a rebuilt pump from Mac at Clair Audi (on the vendor
     list) , internet price is $72.99 plus a $33 core charge. We'll see
     what I get...but that is a great price!

     Tom F.
     90 200 TQW IA Stage I
     90 Syncro Westie

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Subject: Re: fuel pump
Date:    11/15/95 9:06 PM

On Wed, 15 Nov 1995, wallace david wrote:
> There seems to be a loud hummmmmmm comming from the trunk/gas tank area
> of my 88 5000q. I suspected it was the fuel pump and had it checked out
> by my local mechanic. He said that the pressure was ok,although I should
> get it replace as when they go i come to a dead stop. Given the high price
>  for this item plus labor to put it in, would buying a used one from
> a junk yard make any sense?

Do NOT buy a used one and replace it. It will continue to humm/buzz and
then finally leave you stranded. Friends and myself have big tow bills to
prove this.

To add to the damage, the pump starts breaking small pieces of itself
if used as is for some time and these are left in the gas tank.

Shop around for mail order prices - I bought mine from Stranos some
time ago for $140. (1990 100)