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Re: Schricky testing

Well, actually the high end is better with the S4 Vs the stock K26! Really. The 
car is  monster! The exhaust is already opened up, 2 1/2" STRAIGHT from the cat 
back. I know, gotstah get rid of that cat, it's in the works. Engine internals 
are totally stock, just IA Stage II, adj WG, K&N, tri-electrodes.

Any new cam, mods, etc will all be with the new KUQEFH, ported, polished & 
flowed head, many hours here, two-piece exh, flowed exh and intake as well. 
Custom ground WEB cam, specs unknown at this time, oversize valves, bored for 
max displacement, custom Arias pistons at 7:1, etc, all fully B&B, no expense 
spared as I don't build a new engine every day. Still trying to figure out how 
to fit a larger and/or an additional IC without cutting any sheetmetal.....I'm 
not paying $1800 for the 50% larger ABT unit, I know that!

I definitely want to test one of the RS2 Scott-modified turbos, but I'll 
baseline first with the stock S4 unit. The problem here is that I want it 
*all*, STRONG low-end, nice throttle response throughout the rev range and a 
strong top-end that pulls like a big-block to redline, tall bill to fill! I 
know I don't want any less low-end or throttle response than I have now with 
the S4 turbo, so any top end and HP increase must not be at the expense of 
"drivability", but the goal is still sub 14 sec 1/4 mi at >100 MPH in an Ur-q. 
Suggestion are most welcome!

Vorsprung durch Technik  --  translation: Damn the rev limiter, full speed