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Re: Ur Quattro HELP!


>Ailing vehicle:
>1983 Ur Quattro
>On Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, I was cruising down hiway 280
>(SF Bay Area) at approx 80mph and the Seat Belt Warning Lamp began to
>flash.  The flashing became more rapid and the lamp intensity
>increased.  Eventually, after about 2 minutes, the lamp stayed on and
>about 2 minutes after that the engine and electrical systems ceased to
>function!  I was unable to restart the car, so the tow truck was
>summoned.  On Monday & Tuesday the trusty mechanics at Anderson-Behel
>attempted to ascertain the cause of the malfunction.  They were unable
>to trouble shoot the symptoms and resorted to borrowing a variety of
>components from a fellow Ur Quattro owner.

Now that was a very brave urQ owner!

After much substitution
>they have determined the following components need to be replaced:
>ECU                       $1738.00
>Hall Sensor                 160.05
>Ignition Control Module     237.25
>Relay                       100.65
>Battery Cable                37.55
>Labor       `               504.00
>The question that I have is:  "Does it seem likely that all of these
>components failed at the same time?


>If so, what could have possibly
>caused this to happen?

Without looking at the wiring diagram, which is at home, it seems possible
that the wiring harness expired in a rather creative fashion, frying the
relay and then trying to use it as a main current path???  I could accept
something like that killing the car, but not all the compnents.  They have
listed just about every solid state device involved in running the engine.
IMHO that list is far too long to be credible.

If it was my car, I would have it towed from Anderson Behel to M&M Audi in
Campbell as fast as I could, and then I would start from there.  I know
they have copies of the specific manuals for that car (since I offered them
copies and they already had them).  I believe that someone needs to buzz a
lot of wiring harness, unless some very careful analysis of the original
symptoms can provide some clues.

Good luck.

Anybody out there have working components that
>they are willing to sell?

They are certainly not cheap, but you could try Shokan.  They do have
junked urQs.  Email me directly if you want any contact numbers or
addresses.  I'm in the area.

According to the Kelly Blue Book the car is
>only worth about $8k so it does not make much sense to to put over 1/3
>of the value into parts for it.  I know, I know -- we do it because we
>love the cars!  But, I would like to make it as painless as possible!
>Gerry Haney
>Voice (after 6:00p)  (408) 248-4185

Richard Funnell,
San Jose, California
'83 urQ
'87 560 SL