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Re: 4000q heat...

Fred Zimmerman wrote...
	I also have another unrelated problem.  I did notice a 
thread on heating problems.  I just joined the list so I am not
fully informed on the thread.  However I to have "Cold Heat" from
my quattro.  The engine never seems to heat up.  The temp needle
doesn't even get to the first mark on the gauge.  I have tried 
cardboard on the radiator trick with no luck.  I have replaced
the thermostat twice.  Both times I checked the thermostat in hot
water and the old and new both seem to work according to specs.
Is there some kind of by-pass that allows the coolent to flow by
the thermostat?  If so how does this work?  

	An interesting point.  A friend of mine has an '84 4000q
and has the exact same two problems.  Are these normal problems?


My 4000q developed a low reading temperature guage; it too never got past
the first mark.  It turned out to be the temperature sensor which
feeds the guage.  About $30-40 and you're back in business.

The heater in that car never really was that awesome...

John M.