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On line

This is my first posting, and based on the number of messages that are going
back and forth, this looks like a wealth of information !! I am on my second
Audi a '90 200T (no, it's not a Quattro - next time). My first was an '87 5k
with the 5 speed. I have a few general questions that I hope folks can

* I don't see a Turbo oil filter on this car, are they only on the the 
  5000's ? (I have been using Fram filters every 3k with oil change and
  Castrol 20w50 in the summer and 10w40 rest of the year here in the 

* What is the life expectancy of the Turbo ? I have 105k on it now and it   
runs as good as the day I got it (with 15k on the clock). It does not
  burn or leak a drop between my 3k oil changes.

* I did the Timing belt and water pump procedure last week BEFORE they got 
  me stuck, but failed to realize one important thing - the crankshaft      
pulley is keyed. In the process of finding this out, the notch on the       
pulley was "eliminated" (by me of course) I finished up the job and have    
put on 600 miles or so since and all seems to be well. My question is       
this...am I ok with Crankshaft pulley being on like this ? Since the        
pulley turns in the same direction as the Bolt is threaded, I can't         
imagine the pulley coming off at speed. I am hoping the keyway is simply    
there to aid in reassembly. Definitely a rookie mistake, but I have the     
good old Haynes manual to thank (no mention anywhere of this). I have 
  a couple of helpful hints on doing this job w/o the Audi tools and w/o
  removing the bumper. Let me know if anyone would like to know... 

* Reference the above, any sources for the Bentley manuals ? It sounds
  like these are the way to go.

* Last question, the timing belt is now making a little bit of noise. Is 
  it normal to re-tension after a few hundred miles ? It sounds like it     
might "walked" a little bit and is rubbing the cover at idle.         

  Thanks to all,

Bob D