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Welcome: Redo the pulley

In a message dated 95-11-30 14:43:48 EST, you write:

> Last question, the timing belt is now making a little bit of noise. Is 
>  it normal to re-tension after a few hundred miles ? It sounds like it     
>might "walked" a little bit and is rubbing the cover at idle.         

Pull the pulley off and do it right, now......  You are prolly creeping cuz
the pully goes toward the engine when you get it in the notch.....  You are
asking for a big time prollum, and we are talking about an "interfering"
engine here.....  This could get expensive for you quickly.....  

The Oil filter is prolly OK as long as the Fram has the antidrainback insert
in it, this can be told by looking at your filter hole, does it have a metal
plate with a spring about 1/2 inch down, that is the Antidrainback.....   If
not get the bosch, if you are changing religiously every 3k the antidrainback
is the only consideration.....

Did I mention that you should do the pulley, LIKE NOW.......