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Slagmaster Q (brakes)

[stuff on snow packed brakes deleted]

>I try to stay out of deep snow with my 87 4kcsq, but I have noticed that
>immediately after coming out of a car wash I have no brakes for awhile.
>Have to ride the brake pedal for a few blocks to generate friction/heat
>and then all is fine again.  Same problem?
>Bill Murin
All this talk of wet brake pads brings up a question. How are the Repco
MetalMasters when cold and maybe wet. Rumor mill has it that there is very
little braking down till these puppies warm up. And we know how a few
members really dislike them. (Can't afford the CoolCarbons, Scott).

I'd like to put on the Repco's and get a little better than stock braking.
But am slightly concerned about long drives in the cold when the pads cool
waaaay back down and I jam on the brakes when coming up to the truckers
with a 40+mph differential in Montana. Would like to keep driver's seat

This is for a lowly 87 5000s. Stuck with stock 10" front disks. Prolly what
is normally found on those brake equipped shopping carts.

Ernest Wong