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Re: Schricky testing

>So, not to mince words, the stock cam is a piece of shit, and should
>never have been made, let alone actually shipped with the car. The
>Schrick cam is emminently worth the money, and contrary to other
>opinions, I think it is in fact one of the better bang-per-buck deals
>you can do for the 5-cyl engine. In fact, I opine that turbo mods
>($800 ECU mods, whatever) are kinda, well, not "pointless", but cer-
>tainly "silly" with the stock cam, considering how much the Schrick cam
>opens up the rev range of the engine.

I'd have to disagree with you there Robert.  My Big Beast (5KCSTQ) has no 
prollum hitting the limiter in third or fouth, does 30-70 in 7.8sec's and 
still has the stock cam, Albeit advanced one tooth, other than that all I 
got's is a IA2, Adj Wastegate, Pop-off valve, K&N, and Platins.  Next 
Step is a PDQSHIP Turbo and no cam.


Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com