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4kcsq spcl ed (was: B to B & other question)

>No one really asked but, I decided to comment. I was responding to the 
>original post that has this title, where a gentle man by the name of Adam 
>said that there was not a S.E. 4000 CSQ in 87' (only 86'). The 86' was 
>the S.E. that had the red leather and the white paint. The 87', on the 
>other hand, was also a run of about a thousand cars, but had different 
>"cosmetic" features than the 86'. The local dealer (Prestige, in denver) 
>told me that out of the 1000 cars about 25% of them came to Colorado. 
>They commerated the last 1000 4KCSQ's made. No performance mods though 
>(bummer). Just FYI.

Not true.  The '87 DID come in white with red leather, white painted Ronal R8
wheels.  AND it came with a different engine--the knock-sensor controlled
2.3L 130hp with 10:1 CR which also became the standard engine in the '88 90q
 (instead of the 2.2L 115hp 8.5:1 CR engine in all the earlier 4kcsq--I
believe the last application for that engine).  Don't know about production
#s; these were the last of the 4kcsq line.  they also applied the same
treatment (cosmetics & engine) to the last of the '87 coupes.

That Brumos "issued" a commemorative edition 4kcsq is not suprising.  This
was a common practice, especially by a few well-known Chevy dealers, in the
60s, before the Feds made it a PITA to hot-rod cars.  Given their involvement
with Porsche racing and resources, this would be very easy to imagine, and
quite unique (and all too rare) in this day & age.