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Re: B to B & other question

> Visually the only simple way I know of to spot the 130hp vs the 115 hp
> is by the presence of a knock sensor and an Hitachi, I think, air mass
> sensor instead of the bosch air box. 

I've never seen one of these critters either but my '87 5k has an NF motor
in it (which is basically the same thing) and still uses the Bosch air box
setup.  I'd say the best way to tell is to look at the code stamped on the
motor ID plate...
> BTW, what is the earliest build date for the '88 80&90 quattro models? Is
> it possible some documentation (that Maureen used) may have refered to
> them as a 4000 before the name change. VW Porsche Mag refered to them as
> Audi's new 4000's in a preview article. 

She also sent photocopies of some information lifted from a microfiche that
listed the NG motor having been installed in the Coupe GT and the 4kq.  I'm
not certain exactly which fiche this was listed from but it's clear what it

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